Quality in Healthcare Think Tank (QiHTT)

Chair:  Bob King

Co-Chair (from sponsor) Ben Babaii Chair FACE Innovation (Canada)


To adopt advanced quality and innovation tools to solve the toughest social problems in Health Care and to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals


Members From IAQ:

Blan Godfrey, WHO and UN Task Forces

Members from Sponsor

David, Bonner, Chair & President of Ideation TRIZ

Boris Zlotin & Alla Zusman, Ideation TRIZ

Frank Voehl, chair ISO Innovation Standards

Boudewijn Bertsch, liaison to MIT Complexity and Chaos Committee (Netherlands/U.S)

Svetlana Visnepolschi, lead instructor of Anticipatory Failure Determination, for Ideation-TRIZ

Bridgett McAdam O’Connell, ret.  instructor of Sociology for nurses at Cork University (Ireland)

Marty Hood, public health leader (Canada)

Aaron Joiner, representative to blind participants.

Amadou Chico Cissoko, chair of African Innovation Project, Kenya

Future Plans

We identify the toughest social problems in healthcare and the UN SDGs and help interested participants to solve them in five to seven CafĂ© type meetings through zoom.  The bulk of the work is done by committee members who are thought leaders in this area.  There have been over 100 meetings in six key areas to help solve the toughest problems. 

Important Publications

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