Think Tanks

IAQ Think Tanks (TT) are active working research groups created for the analysis of issues focused on specific quality areas and dedicated to consideration and advocacy of alternative approaches for the future development of their focus areas. TTs allow participants an opportunity to reflect on significant issues without the need to deal with daily issues of operations and decision-making. Think Tanks are most effective when they challenge policy orthodoxy and provide innovative direction to shape emerging problems to help determine future directions. TTs need to define the role of quality in each of these areas with a focus on bringing knowledge and creating useful outputs.

Details of IAQ Think-Tanks (TTs)

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Accelerating Continual Improvement Think Tank (CI2TT)

Chair: Lars Sörqvist

Vice-Chair: Gregory H. Watson

Innovation and Quality Think Tank (IQTT)

Co-Chairs: Tilo Pfeifer and Blanton A. Godfrey

Quality in Applied Statistics Initiative (QiSTT)

Chair: Geoff Vining

Vice-Chair: Ronald Does

Quality in Education Think Tank (QiETT)

Chair: Kamran Moosa

Vice-Chair: Matthew Barsalou

Quality in Governance Think Tank (QiGTT)

Chair: Sergio Foguel

Past Chair: Raúl Molteni

Quality in Healthcare Think Tank (QiHTT)

Chair: Robert E. King

Co-Chair: Ben Babaii (Chair FACE Innovation) (Canada)

Quality in Planet Earth Concerns Think Tank (QiPECTT) 

Chair:  Willy Vandenbrande

Vice-Chair:  Sunil Sinha

Quality 4.0 Think Tank (Q4.0TT) 

Chair: Gregory H. Watson

Vice-Chair:  N. (Ram) Ramanathan and Pedro M. Saraiva

Quality in Logistics Think Tank (QiLTT)

Chair: Miroslav Drljača

Co-Chair: Grace D. Brannan

Voice of Customer Think Tank (VoCTT)

Chair: Glenn Mazur 

Co-Chair: Catherine Chan

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